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Are you sick of illegal immigrants pouring into our country?

Are you tired of the caravans swarming our border?

Are you pissed that Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing absolutely nothing about it?

So am I!

We can't just sit back and let it happen.

We have to fight like hell to stop it.

I'm Lt Col Steven Fowler and I'm a Republican running for U.S. Congress on the South Texas border.

I'm a small business owner, an Aggie, a Longhorn, and a third generation Texan.

I'm a husband and dad to three girls.

I've served in the U.S. Air Force for more than 17 years.

I joined the Air Force because of 9/11.

I flew the B-1 Bomber and fought like hell against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

I flew 73 combat missions and 890 combat hours over Afghanistan.

I'm a combat leader and a fighter.

The leader you need fighting for you against the radical liberals in the DC swamp.

I'm running for Congress to fight back against the millions of illegal immigrants that will invade our country this year.

I've had enough. We all have.

I'm running to protect my family.

To protect your family.

To bring back President Trump's policies and build the border wall.

Many of these illegal aliens are criminals and gang members.

These criminals are infiltrating towns across the U.S.

Radical Democrats have defunded the police and are putting our families at risk.

We can't just sit back and let them do it!

We have to fight like hell!

TX-28 is one of two competitive districts in Texas.

It was named as a target for the Republican Party.

With your help, we have an excellent chance of winning and helping take back the House from the radical Democrats.

But we can't wait.

If we don’t take action NOW, we risk losing our country as we know it forever.

Will you join President Trump and I in this fight?

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